By Laws


Article VII, Section 3-No director shall hold office for more than 3 consecutive terms (formerly 2 consecutive terms). 

Our past President Sam Misa informed the bylaws committee that the 2-two year term was really too short for one to make up his/her mind to run for leadership position in the Society. The members of the bylaws committee unanimously agreed with the idea. 

Article VIII, Section 1 -New Constitutional Position- Historian 

This position is to be appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of 5 years renewable for the same length of time. The Historian is to be insulated from the year to year politics and day to day challenges of the Society. His/Her main responsibility is to archive the annual achievements, goals, objectives, finances, memberships, etc. of the Society from the reports of the President and other officers. Position will be very critical when outgoing and incoming officers do not share the same vision of the Society's objectives and management. 

Article X, Section 1 -Tenure of Standing Committee Chairmanship Limited to 2 Years. 

To give others the opportunity to be leaders of the Society. 

Article XI, Section 1-ChangeAdvisoryBoardtoPastPresidents. 

Allow past presidents in addition to simply giving advice to actively participate in the affairs of the Society as officers or chairs/members of standing committees. 

Article XII, Section 3 New Provision. Procedure of PASCPA members' appointments to NCPACA positions and accountability of PASCPA members so appointed. 

PASCPA will enjoin NCPACA to observe a simple protocol of discussing with the incumbent PASCPA President any planned appointment of members. This procedure is being followed by the PICPA National Office when making appointments of anyone from the provincial chapters. 

These proposed changes to the by-laws were unanimously approved by the Committee on By-Laws on October 18, 2006 and, by a majority vote was approved by the PASCPA Board of Directors on October 21, 2006. 

COMMITTEE ON BY-LAWS Chairman- Ben Alas, Jr. 

Vice Chairman- Sam Misa 

Members - Myrna Ledesma, Frenz Rivera, Fely M. Corsino, Danny Reyes Nelson Vinson 

Pdf file copy to this AMENDMENT 

PASCPA BY-LAWS - pdf copy